Yes, anywhere in Chile

Yes, individuals are asked for a guarentee for

the total value of the equipment

In the case of companies, and depending on the value of the equipment,one year of existense is required, good commercial reports.

Both are options.

Yes, transferring and withdrawl of equipment has a cost, as stated in the quote.

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The equipment is insured against theft. Only when our client has taken basic measures to keep the equipment safe.

The customer is charged for the value of the equipment.

Repaired or change of equipment immediately or as agreed with the customer.

Yes, both the equipment leasing and services can have on site support.

Yes, the equipment can be extended by coordinating with the seller.

Cash, check, credit card or via WebPay.

30 and 60 days.

This item has to be discussed with your assigned executive.

When you need to solve any immediate needs such as projects, peak work, replacement of bad  equipment, etc. When there are short term needs such as events, exhibitions, conferences, etc.

Renting avoids a lengthy study of a product which justifies a purchase. The equipments have ongoing support and replacement in case of faliures. Reasonable prices clearly justify the lease versus purchase.


To improve the performance of the Systems Department of your company, with a large variety of equipment, always 100% operational.

To focus resources in tasks of your business with your clients.

Eliminating high overheads which mean keeping a computer operating 100% throughout its lifetime.

To remove the administrative wear and tear which is to properly control equipment (asset management, management of equipment failure).

To solve computer technology needs instantly.

Tax benefits.

Forget about the problem of technological obsolescence and large losses, resulting from an unfortunate technological decision.

Maintain a variety of equipment 100% operational, eliminating costs which would result in a user without a computer due to a failure and direct and administrative costs which include repair equipment (delivery service – monitoring – removal of repaired equipment, parts that are not available, etc.).

Pay only for the level of technology that is required. (You may require simple equipment for a particular user, a Pentium IV 2.8 GHz eg., But today, it is required to buy a Dual Core 2.6 GHz or more, as Pentium IV 2.8 GHz is not available in the market).