The company was founded in 1992 by Juan Aviñó Simon, Computer Engineer, who was associated  with Roberto Blueh Weglein, Industrial Engineer, in 1994, where they began to operate with the current name, Alfacom Ingeniería Ltda.

Born as a small venture, with a personal computer in Santiago, into a consolidated company which continues to grow throughout the country. Today, we have four engineers, 16 technicians and more than 30 people with extensive experience in different equipments and services. As we described in our values and in our mission: our trust, seriousness, good service and good relations with our employees, customers and suppliers, have been the axis that has guided the company throughout its time.

This model of growth has allowed for transformational experience, knowledge, and ultimately, the whole story behind Alfacom.

Apart from computer leasing, the company specializes in equipment leasing for short-term exhibitions, events, conferences, training, and other engineering projects. In addition, over time, we have added rental services, audiovisual equipment, simultaneous translation, accreditation, connectivity and networking, field support and more. We can confidently say that for several years Alfacom has offered the greatest variety and integration of products and services for trade fairs, projects, courses, events, conferences, and short-term solutions throughout the country.



We are motivated to build long-term relationships with our employees, customers and suppliers. We understand that this will be possible if we put our efforts into a humane treatment, to generate mutual trust in the quality of our products and services at fair prices.

We are motivated in human growth, professional and technical people, by our company and from our customers.



To provide logistics throughout Chile to lease technology products and deliver quality services for short and long term needs.

Our customers include: large fairs, event producers, engineering project companies, Universities, Hotels and small and big businesses.

We stand by an ability to solve complex requirements regarding locations or diversity of products and services.

We also distinguish our seriousness, commitment and efficiency in all our services.



We aim to be a company on the forefront of technology with a presence in all regions, equipped with trained personnel and logistics skills to build complex solutions.

A company with diverse products that allow us to integrate solutions which will help our customers carry out their projects in excellent shape.